Eco Friendly Services

Why Eco-Friendly carpet and cleaning?

  • Safer for your home and the environment
  • Non toxic, odour free cleaning
  • Better cleaning capabilities than traditional chemical cleaning
  • Long lasting deep cleaning without residues
  • Deep Down Cleaning for homes and business
  • Professional cleaning: why we use Green Products

 Times are changing fast; most people are up to date about the potential health impacts of certain types of detergents and cleaning chemicals.  Some of the newer and more green-friendly cleaning solutions we use are plant instead of chemical based, and so are an obvious choice when choosing a cleaning company for you and your family. As well as being more beneficial for your indoor environment, our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions are residue free so there will be no problems such as re-soiling that can come with high ph carpet cleaners.

New attitudes to environmental safety as well as concern for personal health have put pressure on commercial cleaners to adopt a more eco-friendly approach, which does not use harsh chemicals. We now want to have clean carpets without sacrificing our health or the health of the environment around us.