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Professional Cleaning Service Company

Brilliant is a word that comes to mind at the sight of a bright, polished, well maintained floor, Brilliant is the same word that characterizes floor surfaces professionally serviced by brilliant Floor Care.

Did you know that using the wrong chemicals to clean or strip a floor can badly damage its surface?
Also, It is harmful if an unsuitable finish is used.

Whatever you have chosen wood, marble, stone, granite, ceramic, terrazzo, guarry tiles, vinyl, or state of your floors, Brilliant Floor Care can design the appropriate services program for you!

Why Chose us

Best Cleaning Company in The Country

Inspection Report & Quote

The unique service that Brilliant Floor Care provides starts with our inspection report, this report identifies what is causing the Brilliant growth by determining where the water source is coming from.

We Value Our Clients

Throughout the whole process our friendly customer service team will be more then happy to provide advice and answer any questions.

Goldmorr Master Technicians

As acreddited Goldmorr Master Technicians we are trained to firstly determine the cause or source of the Brilliant problem to ensure that the Brilliant does not return.

Testimony Customers

What They Said About Us


“Thank you and your team, I’m so happy with the result and the professional manner in which you all conduct yourselves.”

Shreyas Bose


“We were highly impressed with the quality of work, he has been very patient in explaining the facts, attending to our calls making sure we understand the cause and moisture inspected in our home. Thanks”

John Santmajor